About us

About Us

We started this community with the hope that it helps bring people all over the world together in a positive connection, to help reverse the damage that humans have caused to each other throughout history until now.

This new virus is accelerating things and showing everyone that there are no differences between us and we are all connected. It’s an extra incentive to reflect back on our behavior and diagnose the urgent need for change.

We share a desire to build a better society, a balanced, harmonious environment, where humans can live next to each other above all differences.

We believe that balance and mutual guarantee will be the foundation of the new world that we will have to build on the wake of this epidemic. The whole of humanity living in harmony. Not a helpless, idealistic utopia, but following a Method based on the laws of nature.

Join us and let’s build together the next chapter in the history of humanity.

Our Mission

We're developing our mission statement. Please be patient, you will be blown away!

Our Vision

We are compiling our vision. Hang in there.

Our Values

We are collecting our values. It's going to be like a box of chocolate...

We are one

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I am Donna

Donna Lubin


Working together and homeschooling in Brooklyn


Totally Integrated Family

no need to eat alone when you are stuck at home

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