isolation with the purpose of connection
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Appropriate Punishment by Mother Nature

"If you're constantly disturbing what we're doing, you just have to sit outside the circle and decide what it is that you want."

As a teacher, I used such measures to make a child reflect on its behavior, and its effect on the connection with the group.

Appropriate punishment, we called that in The Netherlands. Instead of detention, or useless duties, the sanction was a logical consequence of the child’s actions.

Do you make yourself more important than the group as a whole? Then sit down on your own being important. Soon this child discovers that isolation is the most painful punishment.

I didn’t like to punish, not even “appropriate,” I’d instead prevent it from being necessary. Therefore, I spent endless time building a harmonious group. But sometimes, it is inevitable to reprimand a child.

And now we are that child. We were sent out of the classroom by nature, because we made ourselves, humanity, more important than the big picture.

Nature tells us to ask ourselves if we want to stay ‘on our own, being important,’ or if we prefer living according to the laws of nature, in perfect harmony.

I’m sure she’s not happy it had to come to this, Mother Nature. But that is the core of upbringing and education: taking unpopular measures with the best intentions for the future.

We are forced into isolation and distance, with the purpose of unification and closeness.

"And? Have you thought about what you want?"

"Yes, Miss, I'd like to join the rest and be part of the group. I'll behave better."

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  1. Dan

    What if the disruptive kid has a neurological condition that is undiagnosed or is bullied at school or at home. Is it still appropriate to exclude them?

  2. Donna

    Hi Dan,
    Thank you for your response!
    Every child is different and thus deserves a tailored response to its actions.
    I was not really talking about kids here, of course, but about humanity. I don’t think, as a species, we are victims of bullying. We are the bully. We have been trying to belittle other species for a long, long time.
    Therefore, this forced isolation feels appropriate.

    But please, don’t take it to the individual level: there is a lot of heartbreaking suffering, and individually, we are all a victim of our disconnectedness from nature.
    So let’s start to pick up the pieces by fully including every human being in society, regardless of race, gender, wealth, etcetera.
    And let’s build bridges between our hearts. We’re One.

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