March 3rd: When Rono, after a trip oversees, got a light fever, a cough, and body aches, we decided to not take any risks and to quarantine ourselves. Some of our reflections and contemplations we share through our quarantine coronavirus vlog. Follow us on YouTube to be updated about new episodes.

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Human Nature
Katya Leites

Let’s Be Human Together

Has it ever happened to you? Someone aggressively tells you that your opinions are garbage, your natural inclinations are messed up, and you are generally an all-around asshole, and you think about it for a moment and say “I see your point. I am going to work on myself to become better.”

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mutual responsibility in turbulent times

What each of us does…

We are living in a special time. The hidden connections that tie us all into one whole have emerged and now demand our attention. At such a time, we are all accountable; we are responsible for one another. What each of us does, says, and thinks, impacts every single person, and the whole planet.

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nature is teaching

Nature is Teaching

Virus, desperate, devastated New York City, deserted dirty streets, cold city, law of the jungle, ring a bell? (ref: Tom

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