nature is teaching
Virus, desperate, devastated New York City, deserted dirty streets, cold city, law of the jungle, ring a bell? (ref: Tom Clancy's The Division)

Nature is Teaching

One morning, I needed to go for groceries. My neighbor posted himself outside my door, hidden from view. He knocked me out, dragged me by my foot to his basement. He chopped me up into manageable little pieces, probably while I was still alive. And then he stuffed me into his freezer so he could feed his children.

Our future in the old world

That’s where we are headed. Our egoism keeps growing. No one can do anything that does not bring him an immediate benefit, or the promise of a great benefit in the future.

Soon, we will run out of resources, there will be too many of us. Don’t believe the hype, there’s nothing for us on Mars. The lack of a magnetic field forbids life there. There is no way out. We have to learn how to get along here.


ref: Tom Clancy's The Division

So, how does it end?

Where do we turn to for a sustainable new world? How about your own body?

Your body is made of parts (whether you think about it in terms of cells, organs or limbs) which find their use in serving the whole. Only that.

A part that starts serving itself is called a cancer and we all know how unchecked cancer ends, for the part and the host it lives in.

Look at your heart. Your heart is the most important organ in your body, more important than the brain. If the heart stops working, the brain dies in one minute. The heart is the king. Yet, the heart never stops working. Like a slave. When the body is at rest, asleep, the heart continuously works, works and works. it keeps the whole body alive by just existing.

How about you?

Imagine you in a team, keeping the others successful by just your presence! You do your “thing” and everyone else thrives. How does that change your life? Would you even need to be afraid of anything?

Now, imagine the other members of the team doing exactly the same. Doesn’t that exponentially multiply your confidence?

Positive connection: our future in the new world

So the next time I need to go for groceries, before I reach my front door, the bell rings. There is no one outside. Maybe I need to take a look at the bell. That’s when I notice the grocery bags on the mat. Full grocery bags. Lots of them.

A note visibly scribbled in a hurry reads, “We got you some groceries, so you don’t have to go out this week.”

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